The Perfect Dating Formula

No one really knows the perfect dating formula, because there isn’t any. There is no one-solution-fits-all guarantee in the dating world. These dating tips don’t come with it either but will surely help in your efforts to find your special someone.

Commit to dating: At the risk of scaring you away even before you dig into the ‘d’ of dating, we highly recommend you don’t skip this tip. Half hearted attempts will get you nowhere. A committed date sitting across you can read the signs of disinterest loud and clear. As we said, it’ll get you nowhere.

Prepare to date: Once you have mentally committed to dating, you have to follow through with actions. Prepare – get active in the gym, go shopping – buy new clothes, style your hair. Following a healthy regimen to not only stay fit but look good can boost your confidence levels to a new high. Who knows, this neat trick might land you a date effortlessly. If you are looking to date in college then I recommend you to go through this guide first and don’t rush to find a partner fast.

Set dating goals: Thinking ahead about the reasons why you want to date can save you a lot of time and effort. Answer some important questions –Why are you dating? What do you want to achieve by dating? Be honest about it. If you target marriage in a year, approach dating accordingly.

Surround yourself with dating cheerleaders: This is as important as preparing for a date. Don’t hang around with people who have a negative spin on love and relationships. They can dampen your enthusiasm. At worst, sit with those who have a realistic view of life and dating and can help you through the entire process.

Be realistic: Know yourself – your personality, what you want. Set your goals accordingly. You wish for a fun loving girl, be fun yourself. She would expect it of you. Dating is time-consuming. Accept it. Finding your soulmate is not something you can do overnight. Keep an open mind.

Don’t take rejections personally: There is a reason some relationships don’t work, and it’s okay. Move on.
Keep the mystery alive: There is a reason why gifts arrive wrapped. There is a joy in unraveling the mystery slowly. Never make yourself available all the time. It spoils the fun. In the same vein, don’t reveal yourself all at once. Yeah, you get our point.

Take a break: You are committed, prepared, and full on enthusiastic about dating and finding your love as soon as possible. It can be exhausting. Take off your weathered dating shoes once in a while, relax and get back to the dating once you are refreshed. Don’t let dating fatigue catch up with you and dim your interest in the process.

Enjoy dating: This is a golden rule – simple and effective. Dating is about meeting people and socializing. Have fun, get to know people, enjoy the entire process of setting up a date to waving them good bye if it comes to that. Don’t let anything take away from the joyous experience of spending quality time in search of your special someone.