Why accepting people can do wonders for your relationships

Take some time to look at your relationships with the people. Are you satisfied with the relationships you have with people you often meet at home, at the workplace, and at other places? Do you feel very often that people are taking you for granted and try to take advantage of your helping nature?

Relationships are an extremely important aspect of our life. It is important how people around us, think about us because we interact with these people daily and are also dependent on them for emotional support. Every relationship in our life teaches us so many things. Do you want happy relationships? If you do, then it is important for you to Accept people in your life.

Imagine that you have a meeting with your boss tomorrow morning. You leave home early because you want to be on time, and you reach the office well on time because you had to rehearse a presentation with your colleague. This colleague of yours is notorious for coming late to office, and you had already reminded him a day before to turn up early. You still have 10 minutes left for the meeting to start, but your colleague does not turn up on time. You even call him up but he does not respond. The meeting is about to start now, but your colleague is still not there!

What will you do in such a situation? Do you start panicking and cursing him for not coming on time? It’s already 10 minutes into the meeting, and your colleague shows up, apologizing for coming late. Do you give him a piece of your mind?

Now just think about the thoughts that ran through your mind in those 20 minutes, when your friend had not arrived. You created thoughts of anger, panic and many other disturbing thoughts. You may say that this is natural in such a situation. But getting angry and disturbing yourself is not natural, but staying calm is! Why? Because every time we create disturbing thoughts, we are losing control of our life.

A simple tip here comes in handy while dealing with such stressful situations. Once you understand that every person has his habits which have been framed over a period of time. Like these colleagues of yours who always arrives late. No matter how much you shout at him, but he will not change this annoying habit unless he makes a genuine effort. So accept people the way they are. Why? Because it’s good for you.

The moment you accept the fact that your colleague will turn up late, no matter what, you start preparing yourself for the situation, where you may have to give the presentation alone. In a day to day life too, the moment you accept people with their baggage of annoying habits, it gets easy for you to deal with them. Remember you cannot change people but you can change yourself and so imbibing this tip, will work wonders for you!

Remember that Acceptance is a trait of evolved people who no longer feel the need to judge and criticize others.